how to host phishing pages

Hello guys, today I am back with a new interesting topic which is How to host Phishing pages. If you are searching for best article to get best explanation about Hosting Phishing page. Then you are in right place. 

In the previous article we've discussed about What is Phishing Attack and how to stay safe from such type attacks and in this article we will discuss about How to host your own Phishing pages to get access to your victim's account.

how to host phishing pages in 000webhost
how to host phishing pages 

How to host Phishing pages

To host Phishing Pages to hack your victim's any type of accounts follow the steps below :
  • First of all you have to Signup for 000webhost in free with your Google or Facebook account. 
  • Now choose your Website name and Password. [Note : Your website name will be like]
  • Now after creating your account and website you will have three options : First – Use Our Website Builder Second – Install WordPress and the third one – Upload your site.
  • You have to click on the third option which is Upload your site.
  • It will redirect you to a new window "File Manager of 000webhost".
  • Now if you have any scripts or zip files of Phishing Pages then upload it on main page of File Manager and Extract it on main page. (All options like Upload, Extract, Move, Copy and Open Buttons are available on the top of the page)
  • Now open the Extracted Folder and then select all and move it to the Folder named public_html.
  • Then open the file on that folder ending with .html or .php in your favorite browser you'll look a page which is made by you.
Boom guys, you're all done just copy the url of the page and send it to your victim by WhatsApp or any Messenger when your victim opens the page and enter his Email and Password you will receive this informations in the new file of File Manager of 000webhost. The name of the new file will be like usernames.txt, logins.txt, passwords.txt etc.

Note : You doesn't need to create any extra folder on 000webhost to store your victim's email and password, it will automatically create a .txt file if your victim successfully entered his Email & Password.


Through the article I have discussed about that how you can hack your victim by phishing. If you have followed the above steps then definitely you can hack your victim's any information. Hope, you liked this article. If you find anything informative then don't forget to share this with who are interested in ethical hacking.


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