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How to Hack Whatsapp Account OTP - Hey guys, if you are searching for how to hack whatsapp account otp and any other social media account and searching for best article to get the best explanation about how to hack someones whatsapp otp and any other social media account. Then you are in the right place.

Note: This tutorial is only for educational purpose and keep in mind that we are not promoting any illegal activities, take this only for educational purpose.

Today I am going to share how to hack whatsapp account otp by a simple OTP Hacker app. From which you can hack not only Whatsapp account but also Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and many other social media accounts.

how to hack whatsapp account
how to hack whatsapp account

How To Hack WhatsApp Account OTP

Hello guys, in this post we will know about how to hack text messages or OTP from a simple app. We are going to forward sms or OTP from victim's phone to our phone number from this simple app. We have to do some changes in the Facebook color changer apk with Apk editor pro to make that amazing OTP Hacker app. Let's get started.

Requirements :

1. Download and install Apk Editor Pro (Click Here)

2. Download Facebook Color Changer apk (Click Here)

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Steps to Hack Whatsapp OTP

1. Move the FB color apk in your internal storage.

2. Open Apk Editor Pro and click on “Select an apk file” and now choose FB color apk from your storage and click on “All files”.

3. Now click on “Files” which is in bottom.

4. Now click on “Smali” which is on top, after 3-4 seconds you will find a new folder viz. “Smali”.

how to hack whatsapp account

5. Open that folder.

6. Now open “com” folder and open “ApkEditors” folder and again open “HackingTelegram” folder.

7. Now click on “IncomingSms.smali” to open.

8. Now click on “search button” in bottom and search  0915000 (line no. 258) and replace "0915000" with your phone number along with country code (e.g. +91 in India) and click on the save button (in bottom).

how to hack whatsapp account

9. And click on “Build” button. (It will take about 5-10 seconds to build successfully)

how to hack whatsapp account

10. Now go to File Manager and find the folder ApkEditor in your Internal Storage. Click on that folder, you will find an apk file named gen_signed.apk, just rename it and send this apk to your victim.

Note: Your victim must install this app and allow all the permissions, then only you will get all the SMS or OTP he/she receives in your targeted phone number. If your victim uninstall it, then it also discontinue its work.

After The Above Steps

Now, clear the data of WhatsApp from phone's settings. Or download any app cloner from Google Play Store and clone WhatsApp app on it. And then enter your victim's phone number on whatsapp. After 15 to 20 seconds the OTP will be forwarded to your targeted phone number. And your victim's WhatsApp account will be easily hacked.


Through the article I have discussed about how to hack whatsapp account with the simple OTP Hacker App. So, if you follow the above steps carefully then congratulations you will able to hack someones whatsapp easily. Hope it helps you, then don't forget to share this article with your friends in social media.


  1. Bro, I didn't get the smali option at all

    1. Look at under "Build" option (at top right ↗️)

  2. I can't get the color changer apk... please give me a perfect link

  3. This app is build for an older version of Android.
    Bhai please update the app.
    Kaam nhi kr raha h.

  4. Bro I try that but I can reserve any message

  5. Bro victim ke device me hide nhi hora apk

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