Best money earning app 2020 in India

Hello guys, today we are back with an app to earn money from home by your Android or iOS mobile phones.
best money earning app 2020 in india
In this article I'm going to tell you that how you can make money from home (online) with the help of a special earning app which is named as Rozdhan .  This app helps you to make quick money and that amount is enough for doing some simple tasks.

best money earning app 2020 in india

As you can see only by signing up successfully you will get Rs. 25 in free. And if you add my referral code then you will get Rs. 25 more. So, there is nothing different from other earning app.

As you have some ideas with some earning app which gives you money for doing some simple tasks and refer to your friends.

What is Rozdhan App?

Rozdhan is a earning app which is Made in India and they gives you money as reward to it's users. You can earn money from this app by reading news, completing daily tasks, solving puzzle, checking daily Horoscope (Bhavisatwani in Hindi), spining the wheel (Only Day 3 and Day 7) every week and playing 50+ amazing games.

As the signup bonus you will get the reward of Rs. 50. There are two steps to get Rs. 50 in your wallet:

Step 1: Sign up in Rozdhan App successfully with your phone number to get Rs. 25 in your wallet.

Step 2: After signing up you will get an option to add invite code  “Add Invite Code+ Rs25”.  Then add code 0D8XB3 to get another Rs. 25.

best money earning app 2020 in india

Now, you have earned Rs. 50 successfully in your wallet. To earn more money read any one news up to first 3 days, your level will  somehow increase. After reaching level 30, you can earn Rs. 200 dividend daily. To download Rozdhan App click here.

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How to earn double from Rozdhan in first 7 days?

Below daily check in of seven days, you will get a option “You have 2100 Coins to receive” click on it…

best money earning app 2020 in india

After that you will get options from Day 1 to Day 7 which I mentioned below…

best money earning app 2020 in india

Collect day 1 to day 7, Read FAQs, Edit your Profile and Add Invite Code 0D8XB3 .

How to withdraw money?

To withdraw your earnings follow the mentioned steps:

> Go to Earn Money section.

> In the top right corner above Daily Check In you will get a option i.e., Withdraw. Click on this.

> Select how much amount you want to withdraw.

> Then select 'To Paytm Account'.

> Then fill all the informations.

best money earning app 2020 in india

> Then click on confirm and follow the instructions.

You will get the payment within 48 hours of submission.

Note: Minimum withdraw amount is Rs. 200 and you can withdraw up to 5 times in a day. So, finally Happy Earnings.

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