what is phishing attack

Hey guys, today I'm back with a new interesting topic which is Phishing Attack. If you are searching for best article to get best explanation about Phishing Attacks. Then you are in right place.

Today I am going to share a lot of information about what is phishing, how to stay safe from phishing attacks and how to create your own phishing pages.

what is phishing attacks
what is phishing attacks

What is Phishing Attack

It's name itself says it's purpose. Let's explain it briefly. In Phishing Attacks Hackers create a fake login page for his victim which looks absolutely like the original login page and Hacker sends that page's link to his victim. If the victim thinks that's an original page and if he try to login there, his all inputs (email and password) will be store in Hacker's computer and hacker can easily login from that informations. So, this is the process how Hackers hack your any social media or bank accounts by this simple method.

how to stay safe from phishing attacks

How to stay safe from Phishing

To stay safe from being phished, you have to follow the steps below :
  • Check any links before clicking on it, even it is given to you by your friend.
  • Extract any bitly or any other shortened urls before clicking on it.
  • Don't scan any QR Code from unofficial site or if it is given by any unknown person, though any link can be converted into a QR Code.
  • Only download the trusted and high rated apps, even if you are downloading from Google Playstore.
  • Don't share your password if anyone asks to give him/her on calls and saying he/she from that company.
  • Check the url before filing your sensitive informations.
For extra protection we should take a premium service of any high rated security service.

Below examples of two phishing pages :

examples of phishing pages

In the next article we will discuss about How to host your own Phishing pages to hack your victim.


Through the article I have shared that What is Phishing Attacks and How to stay safe from Phishing Attacks. If you like this article then definitely share this with your friends, family and relatives to protect them from such type of scams.


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