deep web and dark web explained

deep web and dark web - Hey guys, you all use the Internet, but did you know that the Internet has a large section that you will rarely be able to use. I'm going to tell you in this article about the types of internet and the difference between Surface Web, Deep Web and the Dark Web.

deep web and dark web explained
deep web and dark web explained

Types of internet

We've divided the Internet into three sections:
  • Surface Web
  • Deep Web, and
  • Dark Web

Surface web

So Surface Web is that web which is any normal internet user uses in today's date. Every normal internet user in the world which is used by you till now, which is used in reading this article is surface web.

Service web portal has made access to any user in the world without any special permission. And all the informations of Surface Web you can access through Google search. This means that all the informations you can find in Google's search results like any links and websites are all the part of Surface Web. Because it is available for everyone publicly. All the websites you used like entertainment sites, news sites, songs sites, etc. which you are using are all the parts of Surface Web. But did you know that all of the surface web is close to 5% of the Internet?

Deep web

According to study, about 95% of the Internet is Deep web. Deep web is nothing but that web which we can't be access through normal google search. The most prominent ones are contents of the database. As many functions of big companies, many of the secret projects of government, or anything which you can never find in a google search. We need a special url or address or we need to login with our email and password to access them.

What is on the deep web

Let's talk about what is stored on deep web? In deep web all cloud storages are stored like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Many secret researches, projects, files of big industries, companies, governments, etc. which cannot be find through a normal google search. All the secret researches, files, projects are the part of deep web.

Dark web

Now about what is the dark web and what is on the dark web. I recommend and request you not to use dark web because it is completely illegalDark web is the place where you can do anything on the Internet, like trading of drugs, trading of weapons, and many other things which we won't be able to talk to you in this article. But dark web is that black spot of internet where you can do anything, anytime. However, you will never find that in a normal Google search.

At first, it was invented for U.S. Navy. But in today's date the network of tor has been spreaded over the world. The dark web which is running is quite difficult to control but many agencies are working and they are closing many websites slowly. But dark web exists in today's date also and there are many illegal stuffs that you can do in internet but by only using tor browser in dark web.

How to access the dark web

If you want to use dark web, you will need a special browser which is the onion router or tor browser. The tor browser is also known as dark web browser. You can access anything in the dark web if you use tor browser, but mind you it is completely illegal. You can find all the black marketing on the dark web.

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Through the article, I've shared the types of internet and the difference between the Surface webDeep web and the Dark web. If you find this article informative then don't forget to share this in social media with your friends.



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